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Because legacy architectures can no longer cope with the explosive growth of devices, applications, and data, organizations need an IT environment with flexibility, scalability, and performance to meet these demands. Cloud computing has long been the solution to the data and technology challenges companies face, but it’s also brought about its own set of challenges. More specifically, challenges regarding the sheer number of cloud solutions on the market, along with ambiguity in their actual impact on any particular business’s needs. Cloud consulting services help solve all of that by helping you select the right cloud solutions that integrate smoothly and deliver optimal return on technology investment.

How We Can Help With Our Cloud Solutions

With an unbiased approach developed through more than 1,000 cloud transformation projects, our cloud technology consultants help you stay ahead of the best way to optimize your environments and unleash your people.

Cloud Migration

Assess your current applications, find the right mix of clouds for your workloads, identify gaps in technology and skills, and make a migration plan.

Innovate In the Cloud

Launch new services and innovate faster with technology and methodologies that provide your developers with fast, easy access to the resources they need.

Cloud Management

Manage and operate hybrid clouds globally with continuous governance, risk management, and compliance. Gain visibility and control across all your clouds to simplify operations and optimize costs.

Cloud Adoption Program

Accelerate cloud migration & adoption and empower your team by transferring our templates, methodologies, and cloud best practices as part of an actionable plan.

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How Cloud-Based Solutions Helps

Among the many types of cloud-based Solutions delivered internally or by third-party service providers
1. Software-As-A-Service (Saas)
The software runs on computers owned and managed by the saas provider, versus installed and managed on user computers. The software is accessed over the public internet and generally offered on a monthly or yearly subscription.
2. Infrastructure-As-A-Service (Iaas)

Comput, storage, networking, and other elements (cloud security, tools) are provided by the IaaS provider via the public Internet, VPN, or dedicated network connection. Users own and manage operating systems, applications, and information running on the infrastructure and pay by usage.
3. Platform-As-A-Service (Paas)
All software and hardware required to build and operate cloud-based applications are provided by the PaaS provider via the public Internet, VPN, or dedicated network connection. Users pay by use of the platform and control how applications are utilized throughout their lifecycle.

How our Cloud Solutions Helps

Businesses Maximizing Their Return On Investment

We help organizations transform their IT environment with best-in-class Cloud Computing Services. Our team of experts delivers highly effective and reliable cloud computing services that provide organizations with a competitive edge. Our cloud solutions enable organizations to reduce IT resource requirements and improve productivity, in addition to lowering costs and reducing the time-to-market. We assist customers with our on-demand delivery of computing services, tools, and applications such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software, apps, among others. By enabling organizations for cloud adoption, we help them become more agile and responsive to the changing market landscape, thus supporting them in the right decision-making and maximizing their Return on Investment (ROI).

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