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Secure Messaging enables users to easily send encrypted messages directly from their mailbox application. With our encryption email service, email and attachments never leave the secure our cloud, making it possible to send protected messages even when TLS encryption is not an option. An encrypted email or encrypted file transfer can be initiated either by a user or by administrator-defined policies at the email encryption gateway, for example, when the subject line or body text of the email contains certain keywords or content. To use our email encryption services, a user simply creates a new email and clicks on the Send Secure option within for Outlook tab. Before sending, users can select a variety of controls including reading receipts, expiration dates, and restrictions on printing, replying, and forwarding. Once the email has been sent, the message and any attachments are securely uploaded to our cloud, checked for malware and compliance with data leak prevention policies, and stored in a secure AES encrypted archive. our secure web portal, where they can access the email and download attachments.

How We Secure Emails

Egress Protect offers the option for secure email encryption at both the desktop or the email gateway, and control access to messages in shared mailboxes.

Vigorous Message-Level Encryption & Rights Management

AES-256 bit encryption provides message-level protection via an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid solution, while comprehensive permissions include read-only access, disabled attachment downloads, and restricted forwarding.

Fine-Grained Message Revocation, Audit & Control

Far-reaching audit logs and message restrictions maintain control of shared information, while full revocation capabilities give you additional security by fixing mistakes and preventing a breach. Control how recipients can use your shared data, revoking access or changing access permissions in real-time. Add watermarks and restrict printing to keep documents in your control.

Government & Industry Certifications

We have been accredited by industry bodies and governments with multiple certifications, including ISO 27001, FIP 140-2, Common Criteria, Commercial Product Assurance, NATO, EU-approved cryptographic product, and Skyhigh CloudTru

Customize Email Security Policies & Automation

Prompt or enforce encryption when a user tries to send sensitive data, or encrypt automatically based on the recipient and any keywords.

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Protect Your Organization & Meet Compliance Requirements

Unlike other email encryption options, Virtru keeps messages and attachments protected throughout their full lifecycle, while ease of use ensures adoption and maximizes ROI.
1. Prevent Data Loss & Leaks
Configure Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies to scan email messages and attachments for sensitive data, then apply encryption and access control policies before they leave your domain.
2. Automatically Protect Email, with Minimal IT Overhead

Detect and protect email and files sent from any connected device, even if users haven’t installed Virtru, with our Data Protection Gateway. Get rapid time-to-value with fully-hosted deployments that seamlessly integrate Virtru with your existing workflow.
3. Meet Regulatory Compliance Standards
If you are required to protect PII for HIPAA, FERPA, GDPR, CCPA, or other privacy regulations, Virtru keeps you compliant and provides granular audit reports.

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