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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services for Your Organization

A business continuity plan is necessary for every organization since no one knows when a natural disaster or unforeseen event will strike. Ready to plan gets your team prepared with a customizable and thorough recovery strategy that turns off the lights down to your company’s core competency so you can continue offering goods and services while remaining compliant. Business continuity is not only executed at the time of disaster. Instead, it is an actively managed plan combining strategies, policies, and procedures about how an organization will respond to unforeseen disruptive events ensuring negligible or no negative impacts on your business productivity. Experts at Mii2 ensure that critical services can be provided in disaster or significant business interruption and make the best possible decisions in any given situation. The goal of our DRBC services is to mitigate the effect of a crisis on business operations and enable organizations to get back on its track faster in the aftermath of a disaster.

Why Choose Our comprehensive disaster recovery solutions

We ensure institutional continuity with our superior DRBC Services


The data will be SSL encrypted and monitored with role-based access and incident monitoring.


There is no need for capital investment or the added IT resources as it is scalable by demand as you grow.

24/7/365 support available

The professionals remain available to assist every time you need with 100% remote deployment.


Understand and accommodate the desperate needs and allow you to choose from an industry leader and best-in-class DRaaS solutions.

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Understanding Key Issues

How our Managed Microsoft 365 Solutions can help you?
1. Communication & Collaboration
Communication and collaboration are vital, but they are made more difficult by ineffective and unsupportive technology that underperforms and struggles to be available.
2. Managing Multiple Applications
Relying on multiple downloaded applications means updating them, managing access permissions and assessing the bandwidth they require is complicated. SaaS applications simplify this.
3. Reviewing Licensing
To remain cost-effective, licenses must be reviewed often and altered as employees join and leave an organization. This is an arduous task that many neglects to carry out properly.

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