Managed IT Services

  • Regular software configuration and updates

  • Proactive IT infrastructure monitoring.

  • Integration of cloud and on-premises apps.

  • Cloud usage optimization to mitigate cloud costs


Managed Backup Solution

The data is the lifeblood and losing it can disrupt productivity and hamper projects; therefore, businesses should have a reliable backup system to prevent critical data loss. Most IT consulting firms perform excellent initial installations, generating a lot of interest in your new purchase. However, they vanish after that, leaving you baffled as to which part does what and why. That is not something we do. We include training that sticks and offers long-term support, so you will always know the perfect recipe for recovery. Mii2d protects your private data, necessary paperwork from hidden threats, ensuring full recoverability and improved security from the past few years. We always strive to provide proactive IT infrastructure, standard software configuration & updates, resource usage optimization, and help improve your overall IT infrastructure and components.

Our Services

Our managed IT services ensure to keep your infrastructure managed, secure, and available each time.

Server administration

We provide complete support services for the operating system, application servers and databases.

Managed Microsoft services

The technical experts manage Microsoft products in the cloud and on-premises.

Managed DevOps

The smooth CI/CD pipeline, administration of your systems and support of your infrastructure (software, network devices or servers ) speed up the integration and testing of software.

Need Better Managed IT Support?


Award-Winning Managed IT Service Provider

Running your small business is more than enough to focus on. Don’t let your IT environment become an additional burden to your business. Our complete IT managed services solution takes on all time-consuming tasks:
  • 24/7 Help desk support

  • Proactive monitoring and alerting of all critical systems

  • Advanced IT security protection

  • Backup management and replication

  • Patching of all systems

This is what makes Mii’s2 managed IT services programs a desirable substitute or addition to an in-house IT staff. As your IT services provider (MSP), we deliver high-impact IT solutions for your business and ultimately allow you to focus on running your day-to-day business effectively.

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Incredible Support

“They are a professional, dedicated and customer focused IT services and support organization.”

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“They are a professional, dedicated and customer focused IT services and support organization.”

Thomas Smith
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Excellent Service

“They are a professional, dedicated and customer focused IT services and support organization.”

Stella Smith
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