Monitoring and Patch Management

  • Consistent monitoring of assets with management

  • Proffering a list of security controls for your organization to manage

  • Applying patches while prioritizing advanced tools

  • Applying patches while prioritizing advanced tools


Expert Attention & Service

Professional Proficiency and Services
Get Expert Patch Analysis, Deployment and Testing for Your Business to Ensure That It’s Receiving Timely Patch Release Cycles. Our experienced team holds immense knowledge about the patch management industry and understands what needs to be done to shield your systems. We ensure to offer expert analysis to our clients with the help of our team. The expertise of our trained individuals in security issues, patch availability, patch deployment, and the consideration of vulnerabilities works well for us. However, the first and foremost motive is to test when the patch needs deployment through several sources of information.

What We Offer

We take pride in our skills and services to safeguard your business. Our monitoring and patch management services are the ideal solution you are looking for. We offer assistance by protecting your systems and business networks from risks and vulnerabilities through our automated monitoring and patch management services.

Complete Monitoring

The common areas we cover for monitoring and patching include applications, embedded systems, and operating systems. Complete monitoring and entire systems analysis is offered efficiently by our skilled team.

Errors Correction 24/7

We have a strategic patch management process by applying protective updates to your software. These updates defend from bugs and ultimately help in correcting errors. We are available for bug fixes and error correction 24/7.

System Uptime

We provide patch management services to ensure that your business runs smoothly without disruption. We help with maintaining your systems and business applications up to date with preferring system uptime. We promise to keep your service and business quality intact.

Improved Features

Our patch management services go beyond the fixation of errors. Through the updates, we manage to incorporate the latest features and functionalities into our client’s applications and systems to ensure that they are immune to exploitation.

Need Better Managed IT Support?

Award-Winning Managed IT Service Provider

Running your small business is more than enough to focus on. Don’t let your IT environment become an additional burden to your business. Our complete IT managed services solution takes on all time-consuming tasks:
  • 24/7 Help desk support

  • Proactive monitoring and alerting of all critical systems

  • Advanced IT security protection

  • Backup management and replication

  • Patching of all systems

This is what makes Mii’s2 managed IT services programs a desirable substitute or addition to an in-house IT staff. As your IT services provider (MSP), we deliver high-impact IT solutions for your business and ultimately allow you to focus on running your day-to-day business effectively.

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“They are a professional, dedicated and customer focused IT services and support organization.”

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“They are a professional, dedicated and customer focused IT services and support organization.”

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